Trade In and Store Credit Policies

If you are bringing in more than just a few books, we will not be able to go through them on the same day. You can leave them, with your name and let us know whether you would like the books we don’t want returned to you or donated. We will get through them in the next week or two depending on how many books you dropped off and how many other loads of books have been dropped off before yours. Once we have gone through the books, we will put the credit on file for you. We will not call you when your credit is ready.
Your store credit can be applied towards USED, in-stock merchandise and will only apply towards half of the price of a used item. The other half must be paid for with regular payment (cash, check, or credit card). For example: if you are buying $10 worth of used books, you can use $5 in store credit. This policy ensures that we have money coming in with each sale, which is necessary if we want to be able to pay the bills. Your store credit has no expiration date. We make only 1 copy of your store credit and give you the option of taking that copy to keep track of yourself, or leaving it on file with us.

Because of the high volume of trades and donations that we receive, we are only able to give a small amount of credit per book. We generally give $.50 for mass market paperbacks and $1.00 for trade paperbacks and most hardcovers. Children’s books range from $.25 to $1.00 depending on the size and the demand. For audiobooks on CD, we will usually give 25% of what we will sell them for. These amounts are subject to changes based on individual circumstances.
It’s hard to say exactly what kind of books we are accepting at any given time, but there are a few kinds that we do not accept. Please don’t bring us:
encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest Condensed, National Geographic Magazines, anything that is water damaged, torn, moldy, or stinky.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail if you have any questions about bringing us books.